A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!)

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The Best Donuts in America in 12222

What an honor to be included among so many amazing men and women in the industry. Thank you to everyone for your endless support and encouragement! A good rack of Memphis-style ribs is some of the best barbecue you can get, anywhere, but these days, there's a depressing amount of complacency in actual Memphis—right now, it feels as if the real magic is not found in Tennessee's big cities, but rather in its small towns.

The Carolinas are more widely celebrated for their whole hog barbecue tradition, but for a long time, the mostly rural region between Memphis and Nashville were right up there with their neighbors to the East. While the younger generation is now in charge, one of the last of the old-timer joints, the disarmingly modest B.

Scott's BBQ in Lexington, is doing the most to keep tradition not only alive, but to help it thrive. One of their sandwiches, topped with slaw and sauce, will make you want to sign up for the cause. Just in case you haven't heard, barbecue in Texas is pretty much as good as it gets , and while you could certainly try, it is very difficult to go away disappointed. The best addresses in Central Texas are visited the way the faithful make pilgrimages to religious sites, and while this does not mean every single shack or trailer or market or even restaurant is good at absolutely everything, when they hit the jackpot, there's almost no equivalent—you know, in that moment, you are eating a meal to be remembered, most likely for as long as you live.

Call us old-fashioned, but if you've only just drifted in with high hopes of drilling down to the very essence of the now world-famous Central Texas style, where you really want to begin is on the business end of a pound of no-screwing-around, stupidly barked, smokier-than-hell brisket, and it is at Louie Mueller's that you will quite easily find this.

A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah Look Up, America!

Wait in line under the hot Austin sun for half a day, drive further into the hinterlands—do whatever you feel, really—but know that you can simply hop in the car for the short drive to the town of Taylor, and that there are times where you can pretty much walk straight up to the counter here for some of the most beautiful brisket ever emerge from the pit—the kind that can, on a very good day, of which there are a great deal many, bring a tear to the eye, because of happiness.

And to think, we haven't even talked about the beef ribs, yet. You probably couldn't handle it. At Miguel Vidal's Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ , a permanent trailer set-up on Austin's southern fringe, you can get beautifull sliced brisket, or smoked carnitas, or both, folded into warm tortillas; equally exciting is Esaul Ramos and Joe Melig's outstanding 2M Smokehouse , in a part of San Antonio that's far from the tourist trail.

Ramos trained in Austin at the stellar La Barbecue; his sausage and brisket served with pickled nopales , if you wish are just wonderful. A million thanks, Robert! Platter contains beefrib brisket babybackribs beefsausage Jalapenobeefsausage hatchchilebeefsausage brisketburntends sweetjalapenosauce kingshawaiianrolls coleslaw potatosalad pickleandonions. A post shared by louiemuellerbbq louiemuellerbbq on May 2, at am PDT. Really, what isn't Richmond suddenly extremely good at? Don't be fooled by the impressive venue—partners in business and in life Chris Fultz and Alex Graf might have had some help getting to where they are right now, but this isn't just some corporate joint, capitalizing on a trend, this is the real deal.

Fultz and Graf started small, impressing first one small group of lucky folks and then another, with their backyard pop-ups—some time later, we're now here, and here is—well, it's delicious. In Fredericksburg, stop at the classic Allman's , while in Petersburg, you have King's , around since the 's, serving up oak-smoked top round, chicken, and pulled pork shoulder. Sometimes, all it takes is one. Sometimes, all you need is someone like Scott Holmes to come along and light a fire, like he did with Little Miss BBQ , which burst onto the scene back in You'll find the state's far and away favorite barbecue joint hiding in something of a no man's land near the Phoenix airport; one of the more passionate pitmasters in the business, the success of the place seems to have surprised Holmes and wife Bekke as much as anybody else.

Follow the scent of burning local white oak and pecan wood and get in line there's very often a line as early as you can for some of the best brisket get a mix in the West, plus house-made sausages, pork ribs, pulled pork, smoked turkey, and when available, giant beef ribs. The restaurant that can get Phoenicians to wait in line as long as they do here on weekends is all too rare, but they've been doing it, often cheerfully; Holmes and wife Bekke are now working on a second location. There's smoked bologna, there are rib tips, hot links, brisket—it's a wild ride, and time well spent in a Phoenix most people wouldn't know to go looking for.

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Grand Journey of America's West end Denver (Summer 2020)

If you are wondering how many people it was for well, it was for one. More in transition than most, California's a tough one to pin down—everywhere you find yourself, there will likely be a promising new operation to chase around town, most of them mobile or temporary or in some cases, fully underground, which is a polite way to say not entirely legal.

There are moments of brilliance, but they can be fleeting; here today, nowhere to be found the next, and while there are certainly California-sized amounts of promise here, the truly dependable ones, the ones who show up, day after day, remain few and far between. Then there's Oakland, by many measures one of the most interesting places to eat in the country at the moment, a city that has been enjoying something of a barbecue revival, after years of decline.

Of the current crop of talent , the easiest to track down is the family-owned Smokin' Woods BBQ , a refreshingly simple brick and mortar operation in a region where restaurants have become increasingly high-stakes. The beef ribs here are worth seeking out. Of course, you cannot come to Los Angeles and not try the pit-smoked pastrami from Ugly Drum ; this may never have been a big barbecue city, but you cannot say they didn't know how to smoke meat, not that kind, anyway.

The work Erik Black has been doing—with just a Sunday-only presence at the weekly Smorgasburg LA event—is good enough to put him right up there with the masters. When it's good. As in so many other places, we find Denver at a tipping point of sorts, just now—lots about to happen, or just now happening. There are movings and shakings and new arrivals that will likely leave the landscape in much different shape by this time next year or the year after, but for all the shouting from the rooftops about brisket and the like, it's difficult for the visitor to not to be utterly charmed by the work being done at Coy and Rachel Webb's Roaming Buffalo Bar-B-Q.

Pulled Colorado lamb shoulder, bison short ribs, a bison green chile sausage, smoked wings, even sides that feel special—there's a wonderful sense of place, it feels like Colorado in here, even if Coy is from Texas.

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Come here first and get your bearings. Make sure to eat a lot of the lamb. Not that you're stuck waiting, because there's plenty already here, to the point where Denver is starting to get the tiniest bit spoiled—championship vet Jason Ganahl's GQue , out in suburban Westminster, is stop-worthy, and so is Wayne's , halfway up the hill to Boulder in Superior, next door to Costco.

Our pecan smoked superiorfarms Colorado Lamb Shanks make a great lunch. There are many reasons to like Bear's Smokehouse , before you even get around to the meat, which can be very good. McDonald, who also happens to be a rather distinguished competitive eater in his free time, now runs along with wife Cheryl one of Hartford's favorite restaurants, one that gives back to the community in ways many businesses do not, from their move to pay well above the minimum wage, to a concerted effort to employ both veterans and ex-offenders. More than 75 percent of the workforce, to be precise.

Ultimate one day itinerary in Page, AZ. Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend

McDonald's Kansas City years have a considerable influence over what you'll eat here, but his inclusive attitude to the craft means that pretty much anything can be good, from brisket to ribs, the latter finished off with a butter and brown sugar scrub, because really, don't all good ribs deserve a little pampering? Leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite menu item is.

Nobody has done more in recent years—on such a grand scale, anyway—to revive Florida's relatively anemic barbecue culture than Jacksonville native John Rivers; it is impossible to talk about the Sunshine State without tipping one's hat to Rivers' very successful 4 Rivers Smokehouse , which began not all that long ago in a garage, out in the affluent Orlando suburb of Winter Park.

These days, the company—as you might expect from a guy who got into barbecue after years heading up a billion-dollar pharmaceutical concern—has grown into a multi-unit chain spanning multiple states, but once you shed your prejudices against this relatively slick operation, and drill down to what really matters, you'll find what's technically using the term literally the best barbecue you can readily find in Florida right now. That includes their aged brisket, which isn't surprising—Rivers spent enough time in Texas to know exactly how it's supposed to be done, and it has to be said that it's often pretty darned good.

Often the culinary highlight of a traditional luau, this is pig cooked underground in what's called an imu, or underground oven, wrapped in the leaves of the local Ti plant. While you're here, get the pipikaula-style kalbi short ribs, too.

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Who needs the mainland? Also try: Oahu's North Shore has long been famous for its shrimp trucks; suddenly, it's a hotbed of mainland-style barbecue. Both currently operate as trucks—normal in these parts—and both are immensely popular for good reason. You know you're hungry for some of this! Give us those cochon de lait po boys at Jazz Fest, or a link of smoked boudin, any day, over average barbecue cribbed from some other region—Louisiana is another state where there's so much already going on in the meat department, you have to wonder: Does this place actually need anyone-else's-style anything?

Not that it hasn't been tried—New Orleans in particular is now all stocked up with barbecue, but as of yet, very little you'd be desperate to eat again.

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Over in Lafayette, what sets Johnson's Boucaniere apart is the way they cheerfully bridge the divide between Louisiana culture and the culture at large—there are smoky garlic sausages and a unique boneless rib, essentially just strips cut from slow-smoked shoulder, there's boudin, that classic Cajun comfort food, there's even brisket. If you must. Also try Po-boys stuffed with smoked boudin, ribeye, plus a full compliment of the more expected barbecued meats make St. Hand painted by Wallace Johnson. Also pictured is our new open and closed sign!

We have gumbo! A post shared by johnsonsboucaniere on Dec 6, at am PST. When Revival opened in Minneapolis a couple of years back, their fried chicken was a lines-around-the-block hit; when they expanded to a second location in St. Paul, they switched things up, firing up a smoker, turfing out what quickly became recognized not only as some of the best barbecue in the Twin Cities, but also just really good barbecue, period.

Two words: Butter ribs. Served at dinner only, chef-turned-pitmaster Thomas Boemer's signature is these smoky, nicely-rubbed ribs, dipped in butter and spice mix for a final, over-the-top flourish. If we're not being clear: Get the ribs. And if it's Monday, the pastrami, too. If it's not Monday, wait patiently for the following Monday, when there will typically be pastrami again. Paul becomes one of the hottest restaurants around, except Black Market BBQ isn't a restaurant, it's a mobile smoking operation churning out some very fine brisket.

Oh hello, Butter Ribs. So we "meat" again. James Jackson grew up in Lockhart, Texas, he worked at barbecue legend Black's when he was in high school, where Kreuz Market pitmaster Roy Perez was his classmate, but he spent much of his life working the family used car lot.

A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah (Look Up, America!)

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