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The agricultural lands of the east had to be placed in the hands of a German ruling class. In the main I approve what has been said about our eastern or eastern space policy A nucleus of eighty to one hundred million colonizing Germans! My first task will be to create this nucleus which will not only make us invincible but will assure to us once and for all time the decisive ascendancy over all the European nations.

Bohemia and Moravia would be included as well as the western sections of Poland. The Baltic states, with their sparse populations of Germans situated in high positicns, would also play a significant role. The Czech people, however, were not destined to be Germanized.

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They were to be transported to Siberia or the Volhynian region. The Baltic peoples, however, could and would be easily Germanized. Hitler began to devote more time to his plans for the Soviet Union. Comments made in indicate he had limitless contempt for the Russian people. He characterized them as lazy and drunken, and felt they had few original ideas which contributed to civilized society.

All of their technology came from abroad and their workforce accomplished basic tasks by rote memorization or habit, rather than by thought. If Russian factories were damaged or destroyed. Hitler felt the Russians would be totally unable to rebuild them. In one lengthy monologue he told his cronies that Russians do not grow old, living only to the age of fifty or sixty years. Because of this, it was ridiculous to vaccinate them. All doctors and health experts would be ignored, and no vaccinations would be given to the Russians. Furthermore, no soap would be issued to get the dirt off them.

The Reich would simply issue them all the alcohol and tobacco they wanted, apparently to dull their senses. Not only did they represent a subhuman group of people, but they occupied a land mass that was targeted for German expansion. Consequently, as the war years passed. Hitler spent many evenings musing about his plans for Russia and the Russian people. Hitler reckoned that if Germany could tap the agricultural wealth of Russia, this would not only permit Germany to reach autarchy but, in addition, give her markets for her manufactured goods.

No longer would Germany have to seek markets, she would merely look eastward to the plains of Russia. The possibilities for using this land were endless. Along that road lies Kiev. Hitler saw the immense spaces of Russia as a logical area for the settlement of millions of German colonists. These Germans did not need to come only from the German Reich itself, they could also be ethnic Germans from other areas of the world.

Hitler envisioned luring two or three million Germans as colonists to Europeanize the steppes of Russia. He did not plan to give the indigenous inhabitants of Eastern Europe any type of education, nor did he intend to promote any type of social improvement. Germany needed grain, raw materials and markets, all of which could be found in Russia. Hitler advised his followers to ignore their conscience on the issue of exploiting a people.

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He was clear in stating that he never again wanted any new power to rise on the steppes. In addition, he stated that any revolution would be met by a strong German reaction. If the Russians revolted, German bombers would quickly destroy their cities. Germany would rule and, according to Hitler, its rule would be clearly based on his own interpretation of the English colonial system.

Just as England with , men, including 50, soldiers ruled imillion Indians, so Germany with , men would rule Russia. However, in spite of their vague nature, they were plans. Intriguingly, his plans for Russia never evolved during the entire war. Throughout the Russian Campaign he slated and restated these same objectives with minor variations and embellishments.

A speech to Army group commanders in July, , might have been delivered in July, — or in For example, on December 5, , he advised the heads of the Oberkommando der Wehnnacht OKW and Oberkommando des Heeres OKH that upon the conclusion of the eastern campaign Germany would create new buffer states Ukraine, White Russia, Lithuania and Latvia , while allied states Rumania, Finland and the government-general occupied Poland would be expanded with newly-conquered Russian land. He served the first few years of the war as a Wehrmacht division historian.

According to Schramm, the Germans were to live in special Herrenvolk 26 settlements, in stark contrast to the Slavic settlements of the rural villages. For the Slavs, medical facilities or medical programmes would be kept to the bare minimum, except for birth control and abortion services. Eastern populations were not to receive any type of advanced schooling. To know German, to have the ability to read traffic signs, and to know that Berlin was the capital of the Reich was sufficient for a Slav. Dr Schramm warned the command structure of the problems of trying to erase the national or historical consciousness of a group of people, but this was ignored by Hitler.

Dr Schramm also noted the problem of a numerically inferior group attempting to suppress the identity of a larger group. In his opinion. He totally ignored the emancipation of the serfs in and, more importantly, the Russian Revolution of To prove that such ideas were not simply ideological pipedreams, the proposed draconian policy for the Soviet Union was not without precedent.

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In most accessible Polish libraries, all books on geography and books in English and French were removed. Works on drama and opera were also removed as were scores of classical music, particularly folk music and nationalistic songs. Chopin, the famed Polish composer, was blacklisted for his nationalist appeal. Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer of the S. As a practical politician, once he came to power.

Hitler dealt first with the issues closer to the minds of the people rather than expansionist plans for Russia.

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Hence, the s saw Hitler rearming Germany, regaining control of the Saar, remilitarizing the Rhineland and seizing Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Until all actions were taken under the pretence of returning German lands or peoples to the Reich.

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Within three months of the attack on Western Europe and during the unsuccessful campaign against England, Hitler began discussing his plans to attack Russia. This attack was to be carried out at the earliest possible moment, which was May Since Germany was at the height of her military power, this would be the most logical time to launch an attack.

Hitler cited Russia as the last power on the continent able to oppose German plans. If Russia were subdued, this would be the best method to force England to make peace, since she would then be totally alone.

Massacre of Cossacks at Lienz - Stormfront

According to Keitel, by mid-summer , Hitler began talking about the danger posed in the east by the Soviet threat. When asked by Keitel as to why he regarded Soviet intentions as so ominous. Besides, he believed there were indications that Russia was already girding herself for war with us. Field Marshal Keitel, who seldom opposed Hitler on anything, supposedly developed a factual memorandum on this campaign, citing the overextension of German forces due to the occupation of Western Europe.

Since the s he had spoken of his plans to take the necessary steps for the destruction, once and for all, of the only Bolshevik state. Hence, after months of intensive preparation, on June 22,, the German army launched the mightiest offensive in the annals of modem warfare — Operation Barbarossa. Rumania contributed 14 divisions and Finland committed Volunteer units were recruited from the occupied countries of France, Denmark, Belgium and Holland.

Opposing the German forces was an enormous Soviet force deployed along the western frontiers of the Soviet Union.

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Though they had not been alerted for the sudden German offensive, the Soviets had defensive forces stationed along the front amounting to divisions and some 29 brigades, with a total defensive capability of 4,, men. To bolster their defensive forces, the Soviet air force had 6, aircraft stationed in Belorussia alone. At first light on June 22, , the German offensive enjoyed the clement of suiprise over the defending Russian forces.

Within a matter of hours, the German Luftwaffe had gained aerial supremacy over the Russians, inflicting casualties that are still staggering to the imagination.

Zaporozhian Cossacks & Ivan Sirko [SLAVIC BADASS OF THE WEEK Ep. 1]

On one day alone, the Panzer group advanced 72 miles.

Cossack (Drava Book 1) Cossack (Drava Book 1)
Cossack (Drava Book 1) Cossack (Drava Book 1)
Cossack (Drava Book 1) Cossack (Drava Book 1)
Cossack (Drava Book 1) Cossack (Drava Book 1)
Cossack (Drava Book 1) Cossack (Drava Book 1)
Cossack (Drava Book 1) Cossack (Drava Book 1)

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