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Dalton was quick to explain they were lying on an old horsehair mattress that was supported by ropes tied and woven across the bed frame.

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He had decided to go with authenticity instead of comfort for her surprise. Explanations done, he began to make love as only her wild stallion knew how. At the peak of his performance, it was their luck for the old bed to come crashing down on the floor on one side, leaving them squeezed together and padded by the old horsehair mattress. When Sam could catch her breath from laughing she smirked. She had to get a bunch of abused women cops to help her escape while your blue code brothers lied for you.

Years of practice in law enforcement as the sheriff, and the calmness of absolute hatred and retribution, steadied his hand as he fired off only one bullet, directly into the place Ed Marsdenson should have had a heart.

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The bastard slumped to the floor and died. The informational autopsy was complete. One more lesson learned about being underground in hiding. Even when you know what not to do, it can happen. What an immeasurable cost. I know that goes against your domestic violence teaching, but there has to be an exception clause for Oklahoma men. Their parting was of one accord; however, Dalton did not feel any less inadequate.

Being a man, to him, had always meant he was in charge; protecting his own; fighting at the drop of a hat to settle whatever needed settling. He now understood that was a mentality, a mindset, and not one that was healthy.

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He had grown because of his association with the women at the Greyhound Ranch, but his love for Sam and seeing her in pain and not being able to fix it, was a whole new level of growth. If only there was someone he could just go smack around or control he would feel better. That each person has their space; their choice; and their need to exercise their life and emotional spirit as they saw fit. Ideally, the end result would be two healthy and happy people. God he hoped it worked; and soon. He chose not to come. He had an important talk to give to his fellow retired military men.

A month after her burial, I went to see him. When I pulled up out front, he walked out onto his porch. I just signaled the men in the truck behind me, and they used their wench and crane to deliver a package onto his sidewalk that was encased in a wooden packing crate. Then we all drove off. Trying to picture the scene, Dalton wondered what she could possibly have given him at a time like that. What was in it? If I ever wondered what kind of woman I was marrying, or how strong she was, now I am assured I am marrying perfection.

Not only is Sam Huston the most beautiful, loving woman I have ever met, but she is all woman. She has broken me without having to lay a hand on me. She turned me from being a jet-setter bent on living a selfish life pitying myself for my losses, to being a man in touch with who he is and hell bent on pleasing my wife. In other words, she beat you. She won.

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She survived your destructive, despicable treatment, and found herself. She came out better than you could ever have imagined. And when her sister, your daughter Dani died, Sam fought on for justice and she did it on her own. You really will be dead to Sam. Moving on, and doing good.

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January 5, at pm. January 26, at pm. January 27, at am. Bernard , or Alaskan Malamute. Laboratory-formulated diets designed for a generic "large" or "giant" breed are unlikely to take the needs of the big sighthounds into account. The issues involved in raw feeding may be particularly relevant to tall, streamlined breeds such as the borzoi.

The Hortaya Borzaya , a very close relative, is traditionally raised on a meager diet of oats and table scraps. The Hortaya is also said to be intolerant of highly concentrated kibble feeds. A lean body weight in itself is nothing to be concerned about, and force-feeding of healthy young borzoi is definitely not recommended. The Borzoi originated in 17 th Century Russia by crossing Arabian greyhounds with a thick-coated breed. There were also imports of Western sighthound breeds to add to the height and weight.

It was crossed as well with the Russian Laika specifically and singularly to add resistance against Northern cold and a longer and thicker coat than the Southern sighthounds were equipped with. All of these foundation types—Tazi, Hortaya, Stepnaya, Krimskaya, and Hort—already possessed the instincts and agility necessary for hunting and bringing down wolves.

The Psovoi was popular with the Tsars before the revolution. For centuries, Psovoi could not be purchased but only given as gifts from the Tsar. The Russian concept of hunting trials was instituted during the era of the Tsars. As well as providing exciting sport, the tests were used for selecting borzoi breeding stock; only the quickest and most intelligent hunting dogs went on to produce progeny. For the aristocracy these trials were a well-organized ceremony, sometimes going on for days, with the borzois accompanied by mounted hunters and Foxhounds on the Russian steppe.

Hares and other small game were by far the most numerous kills, but the hunters especially loved to test their dogs on wolf. If a wolf was sighted, the hunter would release a team of two or three borzois.

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The dogs would pursue the wolf, attack its neck from both sides, and hold it until the hunter arrived. The classic kill was by the human hunter with a knife.

Wolf trials are still a regular part of the hunting diploma for all Russian sightdog breeds of the relevant type, either singly or in pairs or trios, in their native country. After the Revolution , wolf hunting with sighthounds has soon gone out of fashion as an "aristocratic" and a means- and -time-taking way of hunting. A necessity in a wolf-catching sighthound didn't exist, in addition to the old proved technique of batue with the use of baits, flags and other appeared new, way more effective—from airplanes, from propeller sleighs, with electronic lure whistles.

For decades the generations of few remaining sighthounds were regarded as hunting-suited, when showing enough attacking initiative for fox hunting. The rumours about persecution of sighthounds in post-revolutionary Russia is a legend of modern times, possibly based on similar incidents in Maoist China. In the late s, a Soviet soldier named Constantin Esmont made detailed records of the various types of borzoi he found in Cossack villages. Esmont's illustrations were recently published and can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Esmont was concerned that the distinct types of borzaya were in danger of degenerating without a controlled system of breeding.

Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2) Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2)
Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2) Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2)
Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2) Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2)
Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2) Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2)
Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2) Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2)
Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2) Greyhound Lady Walking (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 2)

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