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I have a visceral memory of coming in the doorway, banking to the left, turning up, and seeing the first picture there. I went up to the photograph and read the caption and had this instant realization that not only were they not on the way to the dance, but that somehow I had been reading about this moment for the last year and a half.

Everything I read seemed to converge onto this act of looking, this birth of the twentieth century—the age of total war, the age of the apotheosis of the machine, the age of mechanical reproduction. That was a Saturday. On Monday I went in to my job and gave two weeks notice and started working on Three Farmers.

All lives are messy aggregates: [Henry] Ford the farmer, Ford the illiterate, Ford the mechanical genius, the progressive, the reactionary, the anti-Semite, the philanthropist. Modern times are, by definition, a few billion times messier. Linking one aggregate to the other requires a good dose of editing, and thereby temperament. Economic tracts suggest that Model A would be inviolably true if enough people realized its inviolability. Political polls create the outcome they predict. Even this one. This recursion is critical, not because it places a limit on knowing, but because it shows the impossibility of knowing where knowledge leaves off and involvement begins… pp With every action, we write our own biographies.

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I make each decision not just for its own sake but also to suggest to myself and others just what choices a fellow like me is likely to make. And when I look back on all my past decisions and experiences, I constantly attempt to form them into some biographical whole, inventing for myself a theme and a continuity. The continuity I invent in turn influences my new decisions, and each new action rearranges the old continuity.

Creating oneself and explaining oneself proceed side by side, inseparably. Temperament is the act of commenting on itself. Each discrete life examines and explains everything it touches in a constant exchange of mutual defining and reshaping. Although we cannot hope to pin down a view of our subject undisturbed by our observation, we can test if we have reached an optimal fit between the two. One such test is unsponsored recognition. Each day as I sift through my many new experiences, I find a few that I recognize without having any memory or experience of them.

At this moment of recognition I temporarily stop taking part in the thing at hand and jump a level in the hierarchy of awareness, no longer looking at the object from my vantage point, but at myself from the vantage point of the object. This shift of awareness away from the looked-at to the act of looking creates the illusion of familiarity, since this moment of standing outside the observed system is common to all other such moments.

Ted Nelson: A Critical (and Critically Incomplete) Bibliography

It is a by-product of the way consciousness is structured, the consequence of our unusual ability to make one level of our terraced awareness double back and appraise another. At the moment when the stuff holding our attention dissolves and gives way to an awareness of awareness itself we recognize a community with all the other similar moments we have gone through —a concord, or close fit, between hypothesis and measured result.

Such a surprise visit of the orchard effect is always pleasurable —filled with the delight of recognition, a sense of the community of all explorers who also touch base at this common spot. I continually write my own biography by my actions, mixing involvement with knowledge, accountable to those moments when both drop away to reveal the act of mixing —something a priori recognizable. This process does not differ measurably from the way I come to understand others, my time, or past times. Memory, then, is not only a backward retrieval of a vanished event, but also a posting forward, at the remembered instant, to all future moments of corresponding circumstance.

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No action unchanged by observation. No observation without incriminating action. Every moment of unsponsored recognition calls me to return to the uninspired world, to continue the daily routine of invention and observation, to dirty my hands in whatever work my hands can do.

To compound the instant of aha, I rounded the corner smack into the three farmers, more familiar to me than my own parents, though I knew beyond doubt that I had never seen them or their photo before. For the next several months I would be obsessed with finding the exact message the image meant to send me , mistakenly looking for it in names, dates, and places. I had to learn that that none of that had any real importance, did not in fact exist without active interference from me.

The black-and-white print was less a document for archiving than it was a call to action… pp Wikipedia on Three Farmers. Minnesota Review interview with Richard Powers. Signal or Noise? Selectively reading every third chapter produces a coherent narrative that largely stands on its own. The relationship between the three threads in the novel is a tension that holds the narratives in position.

Each is completely explicable on its own, yet the additional meaning provided by the parallel threads at once enriches and problematises the meaning of the threads. While the fabula of one thread is located some seventy years in the past, its sjuzet is indistinguishable from the contemporary threads, in either style or diction…. Been reading it ever since, underlining passages and even copying a few of them out.

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The first that got that treatment:. They visit the birthplaces of Civil War generals. They practice the euphonium. They learn tai chi or collect Petoskey stones or photograph rock formations in the shape of human faces… Orfeo, page 2 or so. Uh huh, I thought. Powers Orfeo pg Yesterday I encountered 4 texts that are still rubbing against one another in my mind a recurring situation, though not all instances produce pearls , and it seems worthwhile to try to capture the thoughts provoked.

The administrative information that identifies the standard meeting e.

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The Meeting profile that describes the 4 P's Purpose, Players, Preparation and Plan - the agenda General Information or Detailed minutes Decisions made during the meeting Open and closed tasks from the current meeting and open tasks from past meetings. The resulting solution allows the team to capture on the go tasks and decisions associated to the meeting profile.

Past open tasks are always on the radar screen, thus reinforcing accountability. Information retrieval is immediate in the context of the meeting. The plug-in is a productivity tool and a time saver. Here are the first impressions on using the plug-in from the original users at CounterPoint Trading:. A standard meeting is defined by its 4Ps. A standard meetings section is configured In MBU spaces e. BU3 operational or special purpose spaces e. Environmental Management. By adding a meeting profile in the meeting section, we create a container where all the meeting minutes will be collected in sequence for that particular profile.

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We can navigate from to the previous and next meeting directly from the current minutes. Also, a new meeting minutes can be created In the Meeting profile itself or alternatively from the latest meeting minutes. Open tasks from past meetings are shown in the current meeting minutes. Here is a more detailed tutorial on how to use the Standard Meeting plug-in:.

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That's where we started and that's our enduring goal.

co.organiccrap.com/67379.php You can see TeamPage improvements introduced over the past year, including:. New streamlined Proteus interface makes summary awareness, status, task tracking, and coordinated activity fast and easy. Unified search in the header makes looking up people, spaces, tasks or projects quick and easy. You see suggested matches based on name, email address and other content as you type, with a Show All choice if you want to browse more.

Unified search also matches names and descriptions of all preferences and setup controls and takes you to the right spot in all setup and administration views. Autosave and "finish later " saves your work in progress if you want to take a break - or if you accidentally click away from or close a browser window! If you're early in line Tuesday or Wednesday, you can also pick up free, signed, pre-release copy of Jacob Morgan's excellent new book The Collaborative Organization. If you're too late to pick up a free copy, you can still pick up a bookmark as a reminder of what Enterprise 2.

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Possiplex:With photo illustrations Possiplex:With photo illustrations
Possiplex:With photo illustrations Possiplex:With photo illustrations
Possiplex:With photo illustrations Possiplex:With photo illustrations
Possiplex:With photo illustrations Possiplex:With photo illustrations
Possiplex:With photo illustrations Possiplex:With photo illustrations
Possiplex:With photo illustrations Possiplex:With photo illustrations

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