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But what is the truth? Before you condemn him, please take a few moments to understand some of the true facts behind the stories you may have heard. Please note that the MJInnocent Team wholeheartedly supports victims of all types of abuse, including child sexual abuse.

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It is vital that victims feel safe enough to come forward and their claims taken seriously. However, we also support the principle that a person accused of a crime has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. We believe the accusations levelled against Michael Jackson are false and here we will explain why. Key LIES It was during this time that Wade claims the grooming and abuse began. Unfortunately for him, the train station was not built until late and not opened until This means the abuse could not have happened at the train station.

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He would have to be 16 or 17, at least 2 years after he said the abuse stopped in his lawsuit, aged Did you also know Both Robson and Safechuck signed sworn declarations in to defend Michael Jackson against the Jordan Chandler allegations. In , Robson was rejected for the lead choreography job in the Michael Jackson themed Cirque du Soleil show.

It was following this rejection that he realised he had been abused. However, Taj Jackson has confirmed that this dinner took place after Wade had already testified 4. I remember that. Just feeling really sad. What if he loses? What if he goes to jail? You know, and these are the last couple of times that they see their daddy? You know?

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Which built my conviction even that much more to save him. After losing out on the Cirque Du Soleil job, Wade Robson wrote a book claiming Michael Jackson had abused him and shopped it to multiple publishers, all of whom rejected it. These claims were extensively litigated. As part of this litigation, Robson was ordered to produce all correspondence between himself and others in which he mentioned his abuse allegations.

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He claimed he only possessed one piece of correspondence, which was not exempt under attorney-client privilege, which was an email to some family and friends 6. The Jackson Estate later learned independently that Robson had been shopping a book to publishers during the period in question and brought this to the attention of the court. This discovery revealed Robson had withheld extensive correspondence about the book, as well as withholding the book itself, all of which would have been material evidence 6. These accusations have been made after Michael Jackson passed away. The law does not currently protect the deceased from defamation and, therefore, Robson and Safechuck are free to attack Michael Jackson and make whatever claims they want against him without fear of legal repercussions for defaming him.

Safechuck has also been amending his own sworn statements. Another sworn statement amendment. Several scenes show conversations on her phone, creating a complex toss-up for you to decipher. Truth, fear, lies…this is a rollercoaster of emotions!


Sonically, it follows the much-loved template of an uptempo track with certain tropical elements. From Berlin to Barbados, baby! In contrast with her previous release, it includes some electronic elements, too. The bridge transitions into an extended chorus which puts a nice final touch to it.

And do you like the idea behind the music video? Sound off in the the comments section below! Florian is a German blogger who has followed Eurovision closely since He had a once in a lifetime experience at Eurovision in Copenhagen and loves music, foreign languages and is currently studying European Studies. Thank you!

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  • Pin it. Florian Rahn Florian is a German blogger who has followed Eurovision closely since

    Truth Dont Lie Truth Dont Lie
    Truth Dont Lie Truth Dont Lie
    Truth Dont Lie Truth Dont Lie
    Truth Dont Lie Truth Dont Lie
    Truth Dont Lie Truth Dont Lie
    Truth Dont Lie Truth Dont Lie

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