What is Creation Science?

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Some Christian websites even have automated filters which block the prank and others like it before they appear. Indeed, the Bible talks about darkness a lot. The Bible could not be more clear about that.

Creation science

In fact, just yesterday I listened to a Youtube video where a Christian colleague eloquently answered Dr. Lawrence Krauss in a university campus debate where this theodicy was the main topic of the debate. Of course, no one will ever find this imaginary confrontation in an Einstein biography. Of course, one wonders why anyone would choose Albert Einstein for the role of student in the light of his religious positions. Yes, some uninformed Christians wish to believe that Dr.

Here is probably is clearest statement of what Einstein thought about God:.

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No interpretation, no matter how subtle, can change this for me. However, they never manage to make a well-documented case for that! Of course, for those who have known the Lord for years and are familiar with the Bible, they are already quite capable of answering the theodicy question. For example, consider population growth rates for humans or any other species. No scientist who stayed awake during math class would ever claim that the population growth rate measured in the United States for the year was the same as the rate for …..

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Of course, we can say the same for the population growth rate for humans worldwide and throughout human history. Of course, we can apply that simple truth to geology, chemistry, and physics. For example, geologists know that the rate of erosion of the White Cliffs of Dover today are NOT the same rate as those same cliffs two hundred years ago. I often see it pop up in discussion forums. That rate changed also!

As common sense would remind us, scientists do know that there are many rates which change over time. Our science textbooks are full of them.

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If you can post such a citation s —and the names of any universities using the textbook, if you happen to know—I would be very grateful! Do not be surprised if it was indeed a true account. I have had a professor walk away completely baffled and marvelling: because the Spirit of God was convicting him and it was not the content of what I said but rather his conscience!

My article was going to have the story and then bring to light the very thing you addresses: Every believer repeating the story should -as you have said- look in scripture for the accuracy of all things. A debate Darwin never came up with an answer for.

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It is difficult for us to realize that God created both realities to give humans a matter of choice. He wants us to choose him of our own free will! God wants us to realize mankind whether atheist or theist are fallible! And that is why there is a distinct written Word for mankind to follow! He left the comment—anonymously, too.

One of my faculty colleagues of long ago who still teaches in the Folklore Dept. Many of the lines are identical. Instead, the unnamed Muslim student is the hero of the story and he finally politely excuses himself from the classroom so that he can pray at the local Mosque.

You will notice that it incorporates virtually the same questions of the student grilling the evil atheist Ph. The give-away clue was that it still retained a round of dialogue about the evils of blood transfusion and observing Christmas. Seeing these old tales weaved into so many different religions and agendas is a good reminder that we always do well to focus instead on the unique scriptures God has given us in the Holy Bible.

Feel-good stories come in at a very distant second place to the inspired words of the living God—so we have no need to recycle the same kinds of fictional tales which a confused world distributes in so many forms. You can find some of his work online to download and read his assumations for yourself. He actually came close to realizing earth had a special Power.

Hope this helps. I would encourage readers to investigate this for themselves by looking up the word in such a textbook and making the comparison. As The Creation Adventurer pointed out in her post, the anachronistic definition comes from another era of a prior century and so Unformitarianism in science textbooks today is not at all the same concept and definition as that described in most creation science discourse. It is yet another equivocation fallacy that complicates the topic. No scientists denies anything so obvious as those many examples of varying rates of physical processes!

Scientists are neither blind nor asleep. Students of science should not confuse changes in rates of processes with physical constants and mathematical constants like c, G, and e! Uniformitarianism when CORRECTLY defined is simply the idea that one can understand the past by means of evidence collected in the present—and that we can expect the laws of physics to apply here and a million light years away from here as well as last week, today, and next Tuesday to behave consistently. Indeed, that valid kind of uniformitarianism is what Dr.

Many would say that the ultimate proof of God is Our Lord Jesus Christ in the flesh, appearing among men, living out the will of the father in sinless perfection during the kenosis on earth, and offering himself as the ultimate sacrifice for sin on the cross, and then rising from the dead so as to bring the offer of eternal life to all sinners who will repent and look to him as Lord of their lives. Clarification: Dr. What an incredible self-contradiction based upon an equivocation fallacy! But I cannot accept it as the proof-of-a-negative against the Flood that Hutton and Lyell used it as.

The way they used it, it means exactly what Ms. Cooper and I have said it means. Can you name any scientist alive today who makes such a claim? Textbook title, author names, publisher name, and year of publication will suffice. Every time a volcano erupts, that is a catastrophic event. Indeed, a catastrophic event like the eruption of Mt.

In contrast to your straw man argument about an alleged teaching of modern science which nobody actually teaches, I will provide documentation which includes citations which will provide all of the evidence readers will need to settle the matter. Did you understand that? Much like modern day geologists, Charles Lyell recognized that slow, gradual events like erosion from a waterfall could eventually lead to a hugely catastrophic geologic event!

Morris, Whitcomb, and Gish get so mixed up about Uniformitarianism? Another example of such a catastrophic event that every scientist I know accepts though I have no doubt that some non-scientists with no knowledge of the evidence will deny it is known as the K-T event, when a 6 miles in diameter object from space perhaps an asteroid crashed to produce a miles wide crater in Mexico.

Do you have ANY academic experience in geology? I marvel at how adamant you were in insisting that scientists define a word in ways they do not, even while ignoring my pleas that you consult a textbook to find out the truth. Do you honestly think I was the only professor on the planet teaching a definition which agrees with every geology book on the planet? Again, it is NOT my definition. But if you verify that you are accepting the evidence and acknowledging your need to CORRECT the misuses of the term, then I would be happy to move on to a discussion of a new topic. I see constant confusion about the differences between the two among the non-scientist Christian leaders who try to pontificate on science which they know nothing about.

James Hutton was born in and died in Does it? Mission accomplished. You are running about years behind. Again, read the Wikipedia article. From there, skim down to the section titled:. Do you understand now why real scientists shake their heads in face-palm disbelief when they hear various origins ministry entrepreneurs making this same uniformitarianism Straw Man Argument which you are making? Non-believers laugh at us when they see Christian origins ministries making huge science gaffes which could be cured by reading any first semester geology textbook.

We were even taught wrong definitions of science terms! Credentials do not validate a false premise. And that is what you have been trying to do: argue from your own credentials, and those of your sources.

What is Creation Science? What is Creation Science?
What is Creation Science? What is Creation Science?
What is Creation Science? What is Creation Science?
What is Creation Science? What is Creation Science?
What is Creation Science? What is Creation Science?
What is Creation Science? What is Creation Science?
What is Creation Science? What is Creation Science?
What is Creation Science? What is Creation Science?
What is Creation Science? What is Creation Science?

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